logotriesteThis blog displays the activities of the CRISSP – Research Center for the Imaginary and the Symbolic of History and Politics of Trieste. CRISSP was founded in 2014 and is based at the University of Trieste, Italy. The Center carries out scientific research and  cultural activities within Symbolical Politics, with particular reference to the philosophical and historical contents.

The core areas of research of the Center are:

  • symbolic interpretations of political power
  • political theology and connections between religion and politics
  • meanings and symbols of Europe
  • eschatology and apocalypticism
  • conflicts, wars and religious violence
  • political implications of corporeality

CRISSP is linked to the broader network SYMBOLICUM, that connects all the Italian research centers of Symbolical Politics, based respectively in Messina, Naples, Teramo, Como, Pavia and Trieste.

CRISSP welcomes proposal and discussions regarding past and future activities and likewise scholars and students with a meaningful interested in the field of research.